Bill Massey

Bill Massey is a retired School Principal with 33 years of experience. Always having lived in Manitoba, Bill enjoys his role as a parent and grandparent. His granddaughter and three grandsons are showing him the way!

The Sheep blog number 3

The thermometer that hangs outside our kitchen window reads -34 Celsius.  The wind chimes that hang beside it are moving around vigorously which means a stiff breeze outside.  Environment Canada says we have a wind chill of -47 Celsius which means it’s bitterly cold.  The wind is about 20 kilometers per hour and coming from …

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Old Yoda

Yoda was our cat. He lived outdoors in the barn and took care of the mice and rats for us. He not only looked after our place, but took care of the rodent problem at our neighbours as well. He was an interesting animal and would often go for walks with Dorothy and me. He …

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The Government’s Position

True to form, the government does its best to support an industry that in my opinion is not sustainable environmentally, ethically or economically. There is no consideration given to the people in the community and the impact this operation has on their lives. The Government is basing their decisions on misinformation which we have pointed …

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