of Pork & Potatoes

About the Book:

It is an memoir that is actually two main stories in one.  Bill has not only managed to blend both in a delightful and telling way, but also to bridge between the past and present until they finally converge in the last chapter.  Bill takes us through his life journey and like a tapestry, time and space are woven together in a blend of nostalgia and reality.  Bills personal story explores his life growing up and working on farms in rural Manitoba and about he and his community’s more than 15 year struggle against business and bureaucracy at a number of levels. It’s about the influence of his grandfather, the love of his sister, and his dedication to family, friends and community.

This book blends my childhood in rural Manitoba with our community’s fight against the excesses of the hog industry and my role in leading this struggle.  I have seen a lot of injustice in my life and I  will confront it whenever I have an opportunity.  I wanted to bring both situations to light because I believe that will be one way to help deal with injustice.  I believe there is hope for the future and our lives should be a journey to thrive and flourish and overcome adversity.  I farmed all my life and I love the land and want to nurture and preserve it for future generations.

I value teaching children just as much and see it as one of the most important things we do. This book has been a labour of love and a journey to enlightenment.  I hope as you read it, it will inspire you to move forward with courage and integrity.  I want to share my childhood story as I think it is unique and inspiring.  I believe it is important to record these things and to show a picture of what life could be like in rural Manitoba in the 1950s and sixties, the isolation and the hardships.  In this time of concern about climate change and pollution it is important to tell the story of what has happened in our community with the hog industry and to seek changes.  The injustices and the inability for communities to protect their environment against the excesses of this industry are here for all to see.  The complicity of a government, both provincial and municipal , that says one thing and does another, misleading the public and disregarding the rights of rural citizens, is clear.  We need to do our best to change this situation.

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